Taiwan Trademark

Trademark Types:

  • 1.Trademark
  • 2.Certificate Mark
  • 3.Collective Mark
  • 4.Collective Trademark

( The 10th edition Nice Classification is being applied in Taiwan trademark application. )

Filing Requirements:

  • 1.A Clear Representation of Mark
  • 2.An Executed Power of Attorney
  • 3.A specific list of goods or services
  • 4.Priority document (when the priority right is being claiming)

Limitation of items of the Designated Goods/Services:

  • 1.The designated goods of one class of trademark application should be limited 20 items; otherwise the excess fee will be occurred for each additional item of the goods in one class.
  • 2.There is no limitation for the items of service for the trademark application designated in Class 35 to Class 45, except the sub-class 3519 of Class 35 (the specific wholesale or retail of specific products).

The Examination Procedure Chart

  • Filing
  • Examination( 8-12months )
  • Allowance
  • Paying
  • Issue of
    of Registration
  • &
  • Publication( Opposition Period for 3 months )

( The Registration Fee mentioned above should be paid within 2 months from the date when the Notice of Allowance is received by the applicant. )

Duration of Trademark Registration:

10 years from the registration date


6 months before the expiration date of the Trademark Registration


  • 1.The registration of the trademark may be revoked if the trademark has not been used or has been suspended from use continuously for three years after registration without valid reasons.
  • 2.Any changes to a registered trademark shall be entered and recorded by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office. An unrecorded entry shall have no locus standi against any third party.