Taiwan Patent

Patent Types:

  • 1.Invention
  • 2.Utility Model
  • 3.Design

Filing Requirements:

  • 1.Specification & claims and drawings
  • 2.Power of Attorney (No need of notarization)
  • 3.Assignment (if the applicant is different from the inventor)
  • 4.Priority document (if any)

The Examination Procedure Chart


Utility Model:


Term of the Taiwan Patent:

  • 1.Invention: 20 years (from filing date)
  • 2.Utility Model: 10 years (from filing date)
  • 3.Design: 15 years (from filing date)

Rule for Maintaining the Taiwan Patent:

Starting from the patent publication date, the annual maintaining fee is payable annually or in lump sum.


  • 1.After a utility model patent application is published, any person may apply to the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office for obtaining a Technical Revaluation Report pertaining to the proposed utility model.
  • 2.The Technical Revaluation Report shall be obtained and presented when the patentee intends to exercise the rights of utility model patent.